Not another Christmas Gift Guide!

Struggling with Christmas gift inspiration?  We hear you!

The holidays are a special time of year filled with family, love, joy and warmth.  It’s an opportunity to reflect and give thanks to the people that matter most in your life.  Gifting is a big part of the holiday tradition.

If you are looking for great gift ideas to help you sift through the clutter this season, there are tons of gift guides available online to help you find fabulous gifts for everyone on your list (we list some for your convenience at the end of this blog).  And while we love shopping, Christmas shopping can sometimes be an unwelcome source of stress.

First there’s the list… 

You’ve got to make sure that everyone one is there and hope that you haven’t forgotten any names.  Hopefully there aren’t a lot of “maybe’s” on there – you know, those people that either you think you should get something for even though you don’t really want to, or those that you think may get you something so you probably should get them something too (although you’re not sure…)

…then there’s the obligatory names  

You know, the people you know you should get something for but either you really don’t know the person that well or you don’t really care for them that much so you don’t know what to get for them.  Maybe just a generic gift?  Or maybe re-gift?  (I didn’t just say that!)

Those aren’t even the difficult ones. 

The difficult ones are the ones that you really care about – the few people for whom you spend hours hunting for the elusive “perfect Christmas gift.”  If you are lucky, you eventually find “it.”  Hopefully “it” is not already sold out.



Only on the rarest occasions do you have an “A-ha!” moment and come across something that calls to you and you think to yourself “this is perfect for [Fill-in name/ relation]!”  It may be big, or it may be small.  It’s most likely a bit unexpected – perhaps you were searching for a gift for someone else at the time.  Perhaps the person who comes to mind wasn’t even on your original list to begin with.

While we can’t help you with the rest of your Christmas shopping, this holiday season, we’d like to offer up one small suggestion.  If on the off chance you do have this “A-ha!” moment while out Christmas shopping, and if you are hesitating because either the gift is a bit more than you were planning to spend, or perhaps the person you are thinking of wasn’t originally on your list, or some other reason… just go ahead.  Buy it.  Even, and maybe especially if it is for someone that you originally weren’t planning on sending a gift to.

Because the holidays are all about the spirit of giving.  And often times giving when it is the least expected is when it is the most meaningful and memorable.


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