Ganas Kids is a Hong Kong brand that offers babies apparel and kids clothes in a range of bright colors, bold prints and comfortable fabrics. Our designs are fun and full of life - perfectly suited for your little wonders!

Ganas Kids 於 2015年成立但種子已在幾年前我們第一個女兒出世時開始發芽了。那時候我們親身經歷面對為女兒買衣服的各種挫折感。

High end brands

High-end brands are expensive and fashionable, but oftentimes oh-so impractical.

Mass-market foreign labels

Mass-market foreign labels offer good value but at the cost of originality

Local brands

Many local products have poor designs and suffer from low-quality construction







Ganas Kids is a celebration of the joy and love children bring to our lives. Many of our products feature whimsical designs and cute characters paired with local cultural elements.

As a Hong Kong brand, our roots are in Asia. A dynamic region bursting with excitement, Asia is home to many of the world's most vibrant cities, its most ancient cultures and its most beautiful landscapes. It is an endless source of energy and inspiration.

And finally, as parents ourselves, we get it. That's why our clothes are designed to be functional, comfortable and easy-to-wear. It's also why we choose the softest, high-quality fabrics to wrap the ones you love.

With us, you can be sure that they’ll be ready for their next newest adventure.

盡管身在香港這個國際時尚之都, 但我們仍需要很掙紮地去尋找好看又價錢實惠的衣服。接著我們的小女兒也在幾年間出世,發現這個事實完全沒有改變。由一開始的失望轉化為從中得到了靈感。我們決定去做這個相關的事情。

Ganas Kids 是一個展現亞州文化藝術及時尚設計的品牌。我們的衣服設計靈感來源自快樂與玩味童趣。同時也在香港的動力之都和亞州各地找尋靈感。我們對於身為香港的本地品牌感到驕傲。

最近,衣服及配飾的年齡層對象為 0 – 3歲的嬰幼兒。當中包括色彩繽紛的連身衣,上衣,裙子,一件式連身衣,外套,口水肩和其他不同的種類。我們的衣服都非常適合送禮自用,不論是媽媽與小孩外出或在家中穿著。