7 Tips for a Fun and Memorable 100 Day Baby Celebration!

A 100 day celebration is an important milestone in your baby’s young life.  Attending to some of these small details will make your party a fun and memorable event on any budget.


For many Chinese families, the 100 day celebration is traditionally an important milestone in a baby’s young life.  Historically when living conditions were more difficult, it was a celebration of survival for young newborns.  Today, it often marks the first time your baby is introduced to friends and loved ones.  It’s a fun and festive occasion – a coming out party for your little bundle of joy!  Planning such an event however, can be stressful.  We’ve gathered some tips from experienced moms that we believe will be helpful for parents looking to throw a fun and memorable event.


1. Keep it short and sweet

“At 100 days, babies are still sleeping most of the time.  Even being awake for a couple of hours can be exhausting for a baby!  Keep the party short and sweet so your little one doesn’t get too tired and become unruly.  The longer the party lasts, the greater the chances of having a fussy baby on your hands.”

2. Tie it together with a theme

” Whether it’s a color theme, a favorite cartoon character, or something more traditional like an egg and ginger theme party, maintaining a consistent theme throughout is a great way to tie different elements of the party together.  Just remember to keep it fun and playful.”

3. Make it unique

“Add a personal touch.  It doesn’t have to be something big – for example, customized cakes, cupcakes, or cake pops are an easy and fun way to add a bit of your own personal flair.”Another suggestion to make your party unique is with goodie bags and personalized party favors.  Items such as a picture card of your baby or something similar are great and memorable keepsakes.

4. For pretty pictures…

“No matter where the venue or the size, try to set aside a small space specifically to take pictures.” “At our 100 day party, my baby brother was our designated photographer.  It worked out really well because we were free to spend time with our guests and also got some great pics including some candid shots of friends and family as well.”

5. On the day

“Make sure your child is well fed before the party.  We started to adjust our baby’s schedule a day or two in advance of the party.  During the party, she was all smiles.”“Keep your stroller available so your baby has a place to lie down when they get tired.  Ideally there is an area that is somewhat insulated from the noise.  And keep light blankets around just in case.”

We also recommend Ganas Kids clothes to keep the baby warm and snug :D

6. Put the grandparents to work

This one is our own advice, from our experience.  Trust us, they won’t mind.  Especially on this day.  For a bit of freedom while you enjoy yourself, let them spend some quality time with your child while you enjoy the company of your friends and family.

7. Above and beyond

“Multimedia or video is a great way to share your baby’s earliest adventures with your guests.  We had a short second-a-day video which was everyone loved.  We ended up posting it on FB as well.”

A 100 day celebration is a fun and memorable event for you and your baby.  We hope these tips prove helpful in your party planning process.  Do you have any others that you think other moms would appreciate?  Please write to us at support@ganaskids.com and let us know.


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