Lightning in a bottle | Feed me milk | How we designed it

Design, and the creative process is funny – a great outcome is not always a function of the amount of time spent.

The inspiration for our Feed Me Milk design for instance came relatively quick.  We were in the middle of multiple drafts of a different design which would eventually be our 100 days bodysuit.  We had come up with designs based on a number of different concepts but it just wasn’t coming together.

From our initial launch, we have received a lot of feedback on our designs from friends, customers and non-customers alike.  Searching for inspiration for our designs, we originally started playing with iconic images of Hong Kong.  These include images such as the Hong Kong skyline, junk boats, the star ferry etc.  With images of Hong Kong on the brain and on our computer screens, it was a natural evolution from thinking about iconic images to thinking about iconic logos.

Vitasay is one of the quintessential Hong Kong brands.  For many, it brings back fond memories of their childhood.  Its products can be found throughout not just Hong Kong but in Chinese grocery stores or Chinese supermarkets around the world.

This article gives a brief history of the Vitasoy brand.

In Hong Kong, Vitasoy trucks can be seen traveling throughout the city supplying Vitasoy products, soy milk, lemon teas and other drinks to the local convenient stores and supermarkets.  It was while walking along the street one day mulling over our 100 day bodysuit and we came across one of these trucks with the iconic Vitasoy logo emblazoned across the side that the idea struck – literally.

Vitasoy truck


Vitasoy short for Vitamin milk.  In Chinese, the Vita is short for vitamin, which also is the phonetic sound of “wei-ta” the first two words in the Chinese word for vitamin.  “Nai” from the word milk.  In this case soy milk, made from soy beans.

“Vitasoy.  That’s so Hong Kong.  We could use that in one of our designs.”

It wasn’t more than 30 seconds later that the idea came.

Babies are always drinking milk.  I want milk (我要奶).  We can make a design for I want milk (我要奶).

The design came together easily.  Our core cream fabric just happens to be the color of soy milk so it was natural to pair the logo design with our cream fabric to create a product to mimic the iconic glass bottle Vitasoy drink.

vitasoy bottleGanas Kids feed me milk

Once we saw the finished sample we knew that we had captured lightning in bottle.  Well, at least soy milk.