Cool like that | Shuai | How we designed it

In our designs, we always try to be a bit unexpected and unconventional.

A lot of thought goes into not just our graphic designs, but also our fabric and color choices as well. While babies clothes are usually bright in color with a lot of pastels and baby pinks and baby blues, we wanted to be bold and try something different. That’s how we ended up with charcoal as one of our primary color choices.


(Why is it all baby pink?!?!?)

Charcoal is a very sophisticated color.  Versus a traditional black, it carries more depth and character.  While black and a dark shade like charcoal is a very popular color for adults, it is much more rare to see in babies clothes.

Shuai, which means “cool” in Chinese, complements this color perfectly which is why we decided to use it as the base for this graphic design.  Like the word, we knew that we wanted this design to be cool.  That meant it needed to be a simple design, not cluttered yet sophisticated as well.

We began playing with the wording and different fonts designs, colors and placement.  We chose a font for the design with a similar cool vibe to the fabric color.  The characters we slanted at an angle to add to the sleek feel.  We liked the white on charcoal  but thought that this in and of itself was a bit too simple.

We wanted to add a splash of color to make the shirt really pop and tried small symbols to see the effects – none of these however, felt very unique.

new chinese word design-02

In the end, we were inspired by Star Wars which has been such a strong force in pop culture and even more so recently given the latest string of movies.  Hence we added a light sabre in reference to this.  We took a bit of creative license and tried multiple colors for the light sabre include some that were in the move and some that weren’t.


We wanted to add some texture to the final design so the white letter was done in flocking.  In the end, we chose the lime green color as the most complementary one to the design and the prevailing colors scheme.

Would you have chosen the same one?  Let us know.