Purrr-fect | Meng | How we designed it

Our long sleeve Shuai bodysuit in navy blue was one of the first Chinese character graphic designs that we came up with.

playful copy

We received a lot of positive feedback on that design from friends and customers as well who loved the concept.  At the same time, many customers were disappointed that we didn’t have a similar concept design for baby girls and asked why.  The answer simply was that there was no particular reason.  As such, the seed for this was planted early on.

At one point, a customer suggested that since we had a Shuai design, that we needed a Meng design.  When we hear that, we knew right away that she was right.

Meng is a Chinese word whose literal meaning is sprout, as in the sprout of a plant.  It has been used in a more casual manner to describe something that young, cute, often feminine – in other words, adorable.

The word itself is not particularly adorable-looking so we had a somewhat difficult time thinking about how to translate this idea into a fun graphic.  The idea for the design first came after doing a lot of word associations to think about what types of things people often think of as being cute.  Of course, pets are one of them, and cats and dogs are naturally one of the most popular.

The design didn’t really take shape until we began to play with some imagery and realized that the top part of the word could be interpreted to look like cat ears.  After that came a few iterations where subsequently we added the paws and the tail, like a costume.  That’s when we knew we had something fun and unique.


Do you have any design ideas for us?  We’d love to hear from you!  Please contact us and let us know what fun ideas you have for us!  Maybe your concept could be the next one that we turn into one of our graphic designs.