Design story | 100 days | How we designed it

In Chinese culture a child’s 100 days was historically an important milestone in a baby’s life – a celebration of life when the odds of reaching 100 days less certain than today. Nowadays it often marks the first time your baby is introduced to friends and loved ones. It’s a fun and festive occasion – a coming out party for your little bundle of joy!


Though just one day, a child’s 100 days is an important event and one that Chinese culture celebrates but is less well known in western culture. As such it was important to us as a brand that celebrates Asian culture to have a design that celebrates this important milestone.

Unlike some of our other designs which came together quick easily and naturally, this one was very challenging.

We started with some traditional Chinese elements for 100 day celebrations. Red eggs and ginger in Chinese traditional red and gold for example. We also tried playing with the lettering and doing some elegant flower designs. However, none of these designs seemed to achieve the effect that we wanted.

Celebration set-02

Celebration set 2.0-03

100 days is a joyous occasion. It should be fun and lively and a spirited celebration. These designs did not accomplish that so we went back to the drawing board on multiple occasions to see if we could come up with a design that was more spirited.

In our initial conception of the idea, we wanted to create something that celebrated a very traditional Chinese custom. Because of this, we forced ourselves to use traditional Chinese colors and symbols to interpret the occasion.

It was only when we stepped away from this work that we realized anything that in concept celebrated 100 days was inherently in line with our overall brand concept. The design didn’t need to take into account traditional Chinese symbols and colors – the cultural element was imbedded inherently in the concept itself. When we realized this, we were able to expand our ideas for how we could interpret this tradition in a fun new way.

The final design is something that took many iterations, but in the end, we came up with something that we are thrilled with and that has resonated with our customers alike.



To infinity and beyond!