Take Instaworthy Photos of Your Little One with Your Iphone

Nicholas Thio is founder of NT Photography, a specialist in family photography in Hong Kong. You can find his work at www.iniley.com or contact him at nicholas@iniley.com

Children are so expressive and full of life that people often assume it’s easy to take great photos of them. As parents know however, that’s not the case. With their limitless energy, it’s often a challenge just to keep up with your little ones! Capturing the rare moment is difficult enough without having to lug around a heavy camera and cumbersome photography equipment. Luckily, most of us carry smart phones that are more than capable of taking amazing photos.

But if that’s so, then how can we take better kid pics?

Here’s 3 simple tips for taking instaworthy photos of your little one with your smartphone.
1. Angle, angle and angle

I can not emphasis this one enough!

All too common I see parents taking photos of their children standing upright. Why not? For most people we don’t even think about this. We view the world at our own eye-level. We determine what looks good or bad at our own eye-level.

In photography however, we need to consider the angle that of the shot and how that impacts the image of our subject. For child photography, standing upright causes your subject’s head to look large and comparatively his or her legs really short. Not the most flattering angle for any of us, is it?


Photo 2-8-2018, 17 38 35 (1)_resized

Luckily, this is an easy fix.Instead of taking photos standing upright, get down to the eye-level of your subject, and just like that the result is worlds apart.

Photo 2-8-2018, 17 39 37 (1)_resized
2. Less is always more

Often when taking photos, to capture the moment, we try to include as much in the picture as possible.  This is particularly the case when we are surrounded by beautiful scenery. The grander our vision for what we want to capture, the more we want to include in the photo.

However, as a result, we often take pictures so wide that it makes the subject appear way too small.  Even worse, another unwanted result is that we end up capturing a lot of strangers and unwanted elements in the photo.

Try to fight your urge to capture everything in one glorious shot.  Instead, go closer, eliminate those unwanted elements and focus purely on your subject.

Photo 2-8-2018, 17 46 46_resized

Often it’s the tight shot that makes it to your top favorites.

Photo 2-8-2018, 17 47 15 (1)_resized
3. Lighting is king

We have all seen it.  You know, those outdoor photos with the sun blazing down and your kid squinting in every photo?  The ones with the harsh shadows on everyone’s faces? Frankly, we have all done it.

For outdoor photography, the best time is 1-2 hours before sunset. Not only is the temperature a lot more easier to manage, this time of day also provides a much softer lighting.


Photo 2-8-2018, 17 54 30 (1)_resized
Photo 2-8-2018, 17 59 40 (1)_resized


As a photographer, I am always trying my best to capture the personality of the subjects that I work with.  

With these easy tips, I hope that you’ll be able to dramatically improve the quality of photos that you take with your child and capture more of those everyday moments and make them instaworthy.

Were these helpful?  Please write to me and let me know.  I’d love to hear from you.

Nicholas Thio is founder of NT Photography, a specialist in family photography in Hong Kong.  You can find his work at www.iniley.com or contact him at nicholas@iniley.com